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The Buyer

Who can Buy
Anyone who receives an announcement containing the Buying Session passcode can participate in the Buying Session.

How to Buy
The Buyer simply clicks on the link in their invitation email to go to the Buying Session login screen. The Buyer then enters the Buying Session passcode to gain access to the order screen.

The Buyer must make his purchase before the Buying Session Close Date.

How the Volume Discount Works
Each Buyer is guaranteed a minimum starting discount and the greater the collective total of items ordered during a Buying Session, the lower the individual purchase price for everyone who orders.

A counter index on the Buying Page will show the current total orders and associated discount so participants can watch their price go down as additional orders are placed. 

The final price is based on the Discount Price Matrix for each item and the Buying Session total quantity of items ordered at the closing date.

Buyers are encouraged to pass on the Buying Session announcement to any friend or associate they feel may benefit.

This system utilizes the power of the internet to make the whole process easy for everyone.  (Of course, orders can be received by phone, mail or fax for Buyers without internet access.)

Buying Session Matrix
Below is an example of a Buying Session discount price matrix. The yellow bar indicates the current price discount based on the number of orders placed.

Item: XYZ Widget

Order Range

Retail Price

0% $199.95
1-9 20% $150.00
10-49 30% $110.00
50-199 40% $99.00
200-499 50% $79.98
500-999 60% $59.98
1000+ 70% $49.99

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Please call or e-mail us with any questions. We can set up your buying session within minutes.