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The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies

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Without oil, how would you travel? How would you eat? What would everyday life look like? This book lays out undeniable facts and figures about oil depletion and the imminent decline of cheap oil.  As global oil production peaks within the next few years, the world and our lives are about to change dramatically and forever. Gain an insightful perspective of the crucial role fossil fuels play in the rise of industrialism and be prepared with realistic alternatives for the coming crisis.

Will our individual and collective dependency on this unrenewable energy source lead to our own disaster and suffering? How can we start to deal, intelligently, with the obvious and hidden consequences of our deeply pervasive reliance on a resource that is about to begin diminishing in supply? This reading is essential for anyone who cares to begin making the changes necessary to minimize the suffering that has already devastated the lives and cultures of people throughout the world. 

June 2003 - Paperback: 288 pages; Dimensions 0.72 x 9.18 x 6 inches

'If societies a century from now have managed to learn how to live peacefully, modestly, and sustainably, it may be at least partly because the advice in this timely book was heeded.'
 - Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

'The Party's Over is the book we need to reorient ourselves for a realistic future.'
- Chellis Glendinning, Ph.D., author of When Technology Wounds

 Excerpts from the Biodiesel Homebrew How-To

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This video includes:

 Part 1 - Making a one  liter batch

  • Measuring the vegetable  oil, methanol and lye
  • How much lye to use: the  titration
  • Mixing the reactants
  • Shaking and making  biodiesel

 Part 2 - Making a 25 gallon  batch

  • Selecting, filtering and  heating used oil
  • Methanol and lye mixer
  • Biodiesel reactor
  • Settling Tank
  • Water washing
  • And much more!

35 minutes - VHS     produced by Davis Community Television

 A friendly grassroots biodiesel maker takes  you through all the basic steps for making  biodiesel on a homebrew scale from new or  used vegetable oil.  You will first see  a one liter "shaker" batch being made from  start to finish including the titration, all  the materials necessary and where to get  them.  Then you will see these  procedures as they are applied to making a  25-gallon batch and how it can be done at  low cost from easily accessible materials  and equipment.  Excerpts from the Biodiesel Homebrew How-To offers insightful  visuals and explanations that make it easy  for anyone to get started at home recycling  free, used fryer oil into eco-conscious,  sustainable biofuel that will run in any  diesel engine.

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From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank
The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil As an Alternative Fuel - Book

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This book covers:

"Joshua Tickell is the kind of grassroots innovator  America needs to move us toward energy sanity!"
Jim Hightower,
- Hightower Radio

  • Fossil Fuels
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Diesel Engines
  • Biodiesel Fuels
  • Growing Your Fuel
  • Do-it-Yourself Experiments
  • How to Make Biodiesel
  • How to Make a Biodiesel Processor
  • How to Run a Diesel on Alternate Fuels
  • Trouble Shooting and Success Stories


 8.5 x 11 inches, perfect bound,  176 pages

 Book Description
Any Diesel engine can run on vegetable  oil, this book tells you how. In From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, expert Joshua Tickell unveils the problems with our fossil fuel dependency and offer a surprisingly simple solution: cheap, clean-burning  vegetable oil. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank provides concise, easy to understand instructions for running a Diesel engine on vegetable oil. Three methods for running a Diesel engine on vegetable oil are  described in detail, including how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil and how to run a Diesel engine on straight vegetable oil. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank also includes instructions for building a  biodiesel processor and growing and processing oilseed crops. With over 130 photographs, graphs, and diagrams, this book is the definitive guide to using vegetable oil as an alternative fuel. From the Fryer  to the Fuel Tank contains all of the information you need to become independent of fossil fuels forever. See the Veggie  Video below.

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The Veggie  Fuel Video
 Making Biodiesel Fuel From Used Cooking Oil

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The Veggie Fuel Video can be used by itself or in conjunction with Chapter 6 in the book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank.

The Veggie Fuel Video gives the viewer everything he or she needs to know to make
biodiesel fuel from new or used  vegetable oil. Shot and edited on digital video, this production demystifies the art of making biodiesel. In simple, step-by-step instructions, the video takes the viewer through:

The video displays simple, easy to read instructions on the sides of the screen. The video divides the biodiesel-making process into the  following easy to follow steps:

  1. Gather the Supplies
  2. Determine the Quantity of Catalyst (the Titration)
  3. Measure the Reactants
  4. Dissolve the Lye into the Methanol
  5. Mix Reactants
  6. Allow the Glycerin to Settle
  7. Separate the Glycerin and the Biodiesel
  8. Test the Specific Gravity of Biodiesel

30 minutes - VHS

  • Finding supplies including caustic soda (lye), methanol, and used cooking oil.
  • Necessary equipment including the type of scale, graduated eyedropper, and safety supplies
  • How the biodiesel reaction works on a
  • chemical level including 3-D animations
  • The tricks and pitfalls of titration
  • Making a simple biodiesel reaction in a blender
  • Testing the biodiesel's specific gravity

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