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Message from the Founder

The intention of the Information Exchange is to provide educational support by increasing access to insightful information and learning media that assists in raising awareness, making necessary changes and presenting new opportunities and perspectives. I welcome you to experience the innovative and cooperative inspirations that guide all the products, consulting, production and distribution services offered. 

I began the Information Exchange in 1988 as a way to find a more meaningful sense of contribution in my work that was true to my nature - so livelihood didn't have to feel like "work". I am continually interested in finding mutually beneficial ways of serving people in the process of communication and getting to the heart of quality in education. My opportunity to serve your needs through the Information Exchange has become a wonderful outlet for my most natural expression and for that I am thankful. 

I am happy to present the media, products and services offered through this web site and I welcome your suggestions for new resources and ideas for presenting information that will benefit you in your livelihood and contribution toward creating a world worth living in.


Steve Bash