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Leverage Your Organization's Buying Power

The Coordinator's Role

The Coordinator introduces or refers this opportunity to their list of members, trainees, or network of contacts through an announcement we provide that contains all the necessary information for Buyers to participate.

Anyone who has the email addresses or contact with a group of associated people and wants to share this discount opportunity for products they select can be a Coordinator.

Communicating with Buyers

Coordinators are free to utilize any communication method they choose and be as creative as they feel is necessary to encourage the participation of their group. 

InfoExchange provides the Coordinator with an announcement that contains all the necessary info for the Buyers to participate. It can be edited or used as is but must contain at least the basic Buying Session information: 

  • the web link to the group's Buying Page
  • The Passcode
  • Buying Session Closing Date
  • Coordinator contact info
  • Items being offered
  • Discount pricing info

The typical means of communicating the initial announcement and any follow-up reminders, is by email. Groups that don't use email or that wish to communicate by multiple channels can announce their Buying Session in newsletters, at meetings, conferences or educational events, by mail or by the method most effective for them.

Coordinators are encouraged to share the Buying Session announcement with any organization or associate they feel can benefit. The more buyers, the lower the price for everyone!

Please call or e-mail us with any questions. We can set up your buying session within minutes.