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Leverage Your Organization's Buying Power

NDP was created to enable groups and networks of people to turn their collective buying power and referral potential into significant discounts for the members or participants who purchase products through the system. It offers quantity price breaks to individual buyers without anyone having the expense or responsibility of making a quantity purchase.

Buying Sessions

A Network Discount Purchase usually starts when the Information Exchange sets up a Buying Session with a representative or administrator of any group or network who selects particular products or items to make available to their members, customers or associates. We are calling the group's representative, the Coordinator. By utilizing this system, the Coordinator offers the most effective distribution of these items at the lowest price possible to the Buyers and, if they are interested, a sales commission for their organization can be built into the transaction process to generate revenue.

Network Discount Purchasing is especially useful to educational organizations and at training events for making educational media available at the lowest prices possible.

Here's how it works:

  1. Setup Buying Session. We set up a Buying Session on our website with a representative of any group or network for the items they select to be purchased by the group.
  1. Send out announcement. The group representative, or Coordinator, sends out a Buying Session announcement (we provide) to their list of members and associates. The announcement includes a passcode and link to the Buying Page on our website.
  1. Buyers enter their orders. Group members who receive the announcement and passcode go to the Buying Page and place their order a.s.a.p. and watch their price go down as others participate.
  1. Ship items at discount. At the End of the Buying Session (predetermined by the Coordinator) we bill and ship each Buyer's order at the discounted price from the price matrix on the Buying Page.
Please call or e-mail us with any questions. We can set up your buying session within minutes.