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"The playground safety video Inspecting Playgrounds For Hazards is the most authoritative, current and concise training program available for safety professionals. It makes a technical topic user friendly and is a very cost-effective investment of training resources with proven results."
Seymour M. Gold, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Planning, University of California, Davis

"We had undertaken a project to produce a comprehensive training video for our schools. We quickly realized the exposure for playgrounds would take a large portion of this video. The depth of coverage and the clarity of Inspecting Playgrounds For Hazards changed our minds about producing our own video on playground safety. We purchased 2600 copies of this video and included them in our risk management program that will be used by the schools and our staff.  The Information Exchange worked with us to make this economically feasible."
Michael A. Intrieri ,  C.P.C.U., Vice President - Risk Management,  Catholic Mutual Group

"We have purchased both video programs for each of our thirty-four member school and community college districts. The reasonable cost and great technical/production quality of these training programs made multiple-copy purchase an attractive option. The exorbitant cost of video training programs from other companies has made multiple-copy purchase impractical for us, until now."
"When videotapes are housed at each of our school district locations, the information is more readily viewed by staff responsible for facility safety and maintenance and more apt to be used for training by site administration. The concept of distributing videos to workshop attendees as a precursor to the actual session is one which we will be exploring in the future."
Andy Yasenovsky, ARM, Safety/Loss Control Manager, Inland Empire Schools Insurance Authority (San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office)

 "We have found (both) video training programs and manuals to be excellent in content and presentation and have provided numerous copies to our clients for their use. ASCIP and our members thank you for the help in setting up special programs and assisting us with our playground safety program."
Richard Sams, Loss Control & Safety Analyst, Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs